Dr. Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren

Award-Winning Marketing/Communications Executive and Consumer Behavior Scholar / Media & Branding Coach / International Speaker / Media Personality / NIL Advisor

Empowering Edu-tainment Encouraging Empowered Storytelling Belonging Good Disruption

Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren has built a multi-faceted career based on different aspects of entertainment. As a professional jazz singer, she knows first-hand the power of connecting with the audience.

Dr. Tyrha
M. Lindsey-

As a professor of Marketing she knows the power of infusing Public Relations and Marketing techniques with the nuances of storytelling, something she learned firsthand from her time spent working for organizations like Quincy Jones! David Salzman, Creative Artist Agency and UniWorld Group. As a Managing Director of L.A.I. Communications, award-winning boutique marketing and public relations consultancy, she knows the importance of creating raving fans.
Dr. Tyrha’s years of varied business experiences enable her to provide her students with “real life” business situations and experience, fulfilling her goal to be the “Professor she never had.”
Long a fan of inspiring and wholesome stories, Dr. Tyrha founded the Waco Family & Faith International Film Festival to provide a platform for emerging, as well as established, filmmakers. The festival recently expanded to Florida and Nigeria and will launch in Colorado in 2023. She is also producing the feature film adaptation of an award-winning book.
Her specialization of “empowered storytelling” continues to gain prominence with the continued rise and influence of content marketing as a strategy for brands large and small. Dr. Tyrha speaks on Empowered Storytelling, as well as her own story, “How my experience as a jazz singer prepared me for entrepreneurship and academia.”
Dr. Tyrha received her Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University, her Masters of Business Administration from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, and a PhD in Marketing from Rutgers University. She is married to Sidney Warren, a successful restaurant entreprenuer.
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