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L.A.I. Communications, which stands for “Lindsey & Associates International Communications” is a boutique agency that is dedicated to delivering innovative and strategic communications. L.A.I. Communications specializes in developing strategic marketing, public relations, and fundraising solutions for its clients. The company partners with media companies, corporations, non-profits and small businesses in achieving the communications goals of its clients.
L.A.I. Communications believes in creating “brand relevance” for its clients. The company believes that in order to effectively compete in today’s marketplace, companies must continue to create ways that allow them to stand out in the minds of their customers. Making a difference in the lives of the customers beyond the traditional customer transaction is what we call “brand relevance.” L.A.I. Communications works with its clients to achieve their goals, but also create strategies for our clients to achieve “brand relevance.” When done well, a company can strengthen its brand loyalty and build trust among its customers for the long-term.

The company also produces live events for corporations and

as well as, the production of entertainment content for television, film, radio, Internet and new media.


L.A.I. Communications has an expertise in reaching communities of color with a relevant, quality and innovative communications message. In the area of multicultural marketing, L.A.I. Communications creates campaigns that are cultural relevant and ultimately strengthens brand loyalty and trust. Past and current clients include-


L.A.I. Communications believes in presenting health information in an “edu-tainment” platform. This manner of presenting health information combines education and entertainment. When done well, a health message is better digested by its audience and at the end of the day influences change. The company has also created “Celebrate YOU!” that is a flexible “edu-tainment” platform that targets women, especially women of color, and communicates a relevant health and self-empowerment message. Past and current clients include- The Kroger Company, Splenda, Hebni Nutrition Consultants, and Highmark Blue Cross * Blue Shield.


L.A.I. Communications works with arts and entertainment companies to achieve their communications’ goals by creating innovative ways to present the art to the marketplace.

the lindsey story

It all started with

"William O. Lindsey, Founder of Lindsey & Associates International Communications"

L.A.I. Communications, which stands for “Lindsey & Associates International Communications” was the vision of William O. Lindsey who wanted a media/communications company that his family could contribute. In 1999, the vision started taking shape led by his daughter, Tyrha Lindsey.
In 2006, Tyrha and her brother, Rusdyn, began building the company with the goal of creating an influential boutique communications agency that works to create innovative and strategic results for its clients. Being created on the foundation of professionalism and integrity, L.A.I. Communications works to build strong relationships with its clients. The company partners with our clients to meet their goals and works tirelessly to exceed their expectations.