About L.A.I. Communications

L.A.I. Communications, which stands for “Lindsey & Associates International Communications,” is an award-winning boutique marketing and public relations agency that is dedicated to delivering empowering communications. We specialize in developing strategic marketing, public relations, events, and fundraising solutions for our clients. L.A.I. Communications serves as a bridge for our clients and works in the intersection between business and humanitarianism. Making a difference in the lives of the consumers in an empowering and meaningful manner is what L.A.I. Communications excels in doing. When done well, a company can strengthen its brand loyalty and build trust among its consumers in the short and long-term. 

L.A.I. Communications has an expertise in reaching communities of color with relevant, disruptive, and empowering messages. In the area of multicultural marketing and public relations, L.A.I. Communications creates campaigns that are culturally relevant as well as strengthens brand loyalty and trust. Past and current clients include- CURLS, The Kroger Company, American Diabetes Association, ADP, Nepperhan Community Center, Johnson Products Company, Ivy Digital, and nationally syndicated radio host, Lenny Green of The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green.

L.A.I. Communications believes in presenting health information in an “edu-taining” manner. This type of communications strategy cleverly combines what we call the “3E’s” – education, empowerment, and entertainment. When done well, a health message is better digested by its target audience and can influence positive attitude and behavior changes. Past and current clients include- National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc., The Kroger Company, Splenda, Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Highmark Blue Cross * Blue Shield, Institute of Healthcare Disparities at Nassau Medical Center, Alapure, and Iris House.

L.A.I. Communications works with arts and entertainment companies in producing events and media properties to present their artistic visions to the marketplace. Past and current clients include- T.D. Jakes International Faith and Family Film Festival at MegaFest, 3 Colored Girls Productions (TV/Film), Jazz Forum Arts, Boom Chick Boom, and Trey McIntyre Project.