Research & Insights

L.A.I. Communications works tirelessly to uncover consumer behavior insights in marketing and communications related to storytelling, media and entertainment, social media, women and girls, health, and multiculturalism. Our process is to identify phenomena and discover its antecedents. Next, we conduct sound research and work courageously to identify solutions. Ultimately, our data analysis and recommendations can assist key decision makers in developing strategies that can achieve specific business goals and objectives.

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“Still Waiting for Olivia Pope
and Wonder Woman…”

Latest company research on films starring women and actors of color published in the Journal of Culture and Marketing Strategy

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“I Believe the Children are our Future”

Can ‘Health Edu-tainment’ and Other Drivers Influence Health Oriented Diet Change in Millennials?

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“Feelings…Nothing More Than Feelings”

The Impact of Embodied Cognition on Consumer Preference and Evaluation

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“Can Being Healthy Be Sexy?”

An Exploration of ‘Health Edu-tainment’ and its Impact on Millennials Attitudes and Behaviors

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“And We’ll Never Be Royals”

An Examination Of Tv Consumption By Multicultural Millennials Regarding Their Self-identity:
Is It Harmful Or Healing?

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